A Closer Look at What Our Fresh Pasta Can Offer You

A Closer Look at What Our Fresh Pasta Can Offer You

Get the healthiest pasta by ordering yours at Garden of Esther today.

Though many people here in Florida use and always have used pre-packaged dry pasta, more and more home chefs are realizing the advantages of using fresh pasta. At Garden of Esther, we offer a wide range of hand-made, naturally flavored fresh pasta products with no artificial flavors or colors. Here’s why we focus on fresh pasta:


The Difference Between Dried and Fresh Pasta

Contrary to popular belief, dried pasta isn’t just dehydrated fresh pasta. The two are made using completely different recipes and techniques. Dry pasta is typically made with just flour and water, while fresh pasta offers the option to add more nutrient-rich ingredients, such as egg, mushroom, spinach, or artichokes, among many others. Both dried and fresh pasta can be made in vegan and gluten-free options. 

Spend Less Time Cooking

Dried pasta often takes between 8 and 10 minutes to absorb water and soften. Fresh pasta, on the other hand, can cook up in less than 2 minutes, depending on the size and shape. While it's much more time-consuming if you make pasta yourself by hand, buying fresh pasta can provide a healthy, fast meal option.

Eat less, Feel Fuller

Fresh pasta doesn’t just cook faster than dry pasta. It also doubles in weight when you cook it. As a result, you can eat less and still feel full. Even better, the preparation process involved in making and cooking fresh pasta preserves more of the original fiber content. In addition to help you feel fuller, that makes fresh pasta lower on the glycemic scale and makes it easier for you to maintain stable blood sugar levels post-meal. 

Decadent Consistency and Texture

When made correctly, fresh pasta has a springy texture. Regardless of the ingredients used, it’s generally richer than dried pasta as well, with a soft, toothsome feel. While fresh pasta has a reputation for being “smooth,” that actually depends on the preparation method. At Garden of Esther, we make our pasta with a bronze dye extruder to create ridges that pick up sauce to maximize the flavor of your favorite dishes.

Superior Versatility

Fresh pasta is versatile. When hand-made, it allows for a much wider range of ingredients which means more exciting flavor combinations. The ability to take traditional Italian recipes and add our own modern healthy twists is one of our favorite aspects of working with fresh pasta. We’re always adding new products to our gourmet Italian market.

On top of that, fresh pasta tends to absorb more flavor from the sauce with which you serve it. You even have the option of adding the pasta water to your sauce to add a layer of flavor complexity to your meal.

Healthier Ingredients

Since most store-bought dry pasta is mass-produced, very little care is taken as the product is mixed, prepped, and packaged—it’s usually fully automated and done by machines. Likewise, high-quality sourced ingredients are not typically a priority for large brands. 

Very few brands offer options free of artificial flavors and colors, and virtually none are preservative-free. These big brands certainly aren't sourcing local ingredients, either. Our hand-made fresh pasta contains all-natural local and imported ingredients from the highest-quality suppliers to ensure you can trust you’re getting the healthiest pasta possible.


When to Use Fresh Pasta

When preparing fresh pasta, ensure that it is tender and almost velvety to the tooth and the touch. To achieve this, you should mainly use fresh pasta for delicate sauces that use extra virgin olive oil or melted butter as a base.

Some of the sauces you could consider using are carbonara or alfredo, which go well with fresh pasta like bucatini, tagliatelle, or pappardelle with Bolognese sauce.

Though Bolognese is a tomato-based meat sauce, simmering milk is one of its essential ingredients. It is this dairy element that enables pappardelle and Bolognese to go so well together. If you prefer store-bought sauce, we sell a range of authentic Italian sauces that pair perfectly with our pasta.


Healthy, All-Natural Fresh Pasta in Florida

Since our pasta does not have any artificial ingredients, salt, or preservatives, it is healthier than store-bought dried pasta. On top of that, all our pasta is naturally flavored and contains no artificial ingredients.

Enjoy the benefits of fresh pasta for yourself. Come visit our gourmet specialty market at 1016 21st Street, Vero Beach, FL. You'll find us in the blue building. We are also at the Vero Beach Farmer's Market during the season on Saturdays from 8am to 12pm, or you can order online.

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