Garden Of Esther

Garden Of Esther


At Garden of Esther, we marry exceptional ingredients and conscious food choices with the unparalleled sensual pleasure of creating and sharing an incredible meal with the people you love.



We will be the premier provider of uniquely creative, naturally flavored, healthy, fresh pasta- inspiring our community to elevate their eating experience and raise their food consciousness.




We care about our community by consciously manufacturing and producing only products with high-quality, healthy ingredients that they can feel good about putting in their bodies. 


We create a warm, welcoming, memorable experience for our guests with exceptional personal service. At the heart of every business is the customer, and we always put them first.


Our Story 

Garden of Esther was born out of a passion for food. When she moved to Vero Beach, Esther asked a simple question: Where does my food come from? The answers led her to begin sourcing fresh ingredients from local farms and farmer's markets, which eventually inspired her to try her hand at her own garden. It turns out that Esther was pretty good at gardening! 

Eventually, the overabundance of herbs and veggies from the garden led Esther to experiment with the produce to create unique, flavorful dishes. One of those dishes happened to be garlic and basil-infused pasta. Not realizing what was about to happen, Esther snapped a photo of her homemade, infused fresh pasta and posted it to social media. 

The response was immediate and overwhelming! People began asking her if she could make more and if they could buy it. As this simple love of food snowballed rapidly into a business, Wild Thyme Catering generously provided Esther with a certified kitchen to work out of, and she came full circle - actually becoming a vendor at the Vero Beach Farmers Market where it all began.

Today, her business has grown and expanded into retail and restaurant wholesale. She now has her own kitchen in a brick-and-mortar retail pasta shop and gourmet market at 1016 21St Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960. Her husband Andres, a private chef, has joined the team and is now the CEO and Chief Flavor Officer, continually adding to their line of uniquely flavored pasta. 

Our Dream

Garden of Esther was born of a desire to consciously connect with our food and the world around us while providing a uniquely creative, elevated eating experience. It is our dream to serve our customers as a Garden of Creation and Inspiration. We want to be the invitation for others to step out of their comfort zone, understand that good food does not only consist of eating at a Michelin Star restaurant and inspire them to try cooking at home. 

We want to lead people into connection with their bodies, their ingredients, the earth, and each other by providing incredible pasta products that are healthy and delicious, sourced responsibly, and service a wide variety of customers with specific dietary requirements. 

Ultimately, we work every day at crafting new pasta recipes that will inspire people to cook and eat not because they have to but because they want to. We are constantly upgrading our menu, testing new recipes, expanding our wholesale and retail lines, working to better ourselves and connect with our community. To take a page from Howard Schultz: We are not in the pasta business serving people; we are in the people business serving pasta.  

With these dreams and values, we aim to become the premier provider of uniquely creative, naturally flavored, healthy, fresh pasta - inspiring our community to elevate their eating experience and raise their food consciousness.

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