Garden of Esther's Rainbow Superfood Pasta

Garden of Esther's Rainbow Superfood Pasta

For any modern foodie, the experience of a dish is just as important as the taste. Customers today want a dining experience they'll remember, and restaurants want to provide it to get those patrons coming back again and again. 

However, balancing out a good taste and a quality dining experience can be tricky for some restaurants. Making food taste good is relatively simple, but presenting it uniquely to grab a customer's attention can backfire if done improperly. 

Pasta is one of the best dishes to accomplish both goals in one fell swoop, with enough varieties to ensure a unique presentation while the chef makes sure it's delicious. Regular store-bought noodles are suitable for this but limited. If you’re looking for a truly unique, healthy option, look to our stunning rainbow superfood pasta—it is sure to make for a picture-worthy meal. 


Try a Local Healthy Pasta Alternative

Marketers often use the term "superfood" liberally when discussing certain foods that are better for you than average. The craze has caught on to many products such as kale, berries, etc. While those foods are good for you, they tend not to have any notably higher nutritional value than other healthy foods. 

The term's prevalence may make it hard to believe our claims of a superfood pasta, but we guarantee that our product is something special. We source the highest-quality local and imported ingredients to produce small-batch, vegan superfood pasta with garden-sourced flavoring infused into each noodle to produce a one-of-a-kind taste.

Carefully cultivating each batch of fresh pasta without any additional artificial ingredients packs them full of vital nutrients that make them hardier and healthier than store-bought brands. 

Additionally, you can enjoy authentic Vero Beach fresh pasta from the comfort of your home by buying our superfood pasta from our gourmet Italian market. The quality of our product ensures a home-cooked dinner in a class of its own. 


Branch Out and Explore New Foods!

The word pasta tends to bring to mind spaghetti or penne because those are the varieties most commonly available in supermarkets. But there's a whole world of fresh pasta types that can transform your culinary experiences when cooked in just the right way. 

Our rainbow superfood fusilli stands apart from other fresh pasta varieties with four striking colors against our standard vegan-free semolina flour noodles. Even better, we don’t use artificial colors. Our superfood pasta includes:

  • Turmeric (yellow)
  • Butterfly pea flower (blue)
  • Beet (red)
  • Spirulina (green)

Each flavor is subtle enough not to overpower the taste of the sauce but pronounced enough to alter every dining experience in significant ways. Whether you're eating at a new restaurant, one you've been to plenty of times, or creating a fresh pasta dish yourself, with Garden of Esther's superfood fusilli, you won't experience the same meal twice. 

Additionally, we understand that some people have unique dietary concerns that make it hard to eat out. Fortunately, we have special pasta that caters specifically to those individuals. Our superfood pasta is vegan-friendly and high in protein and fiber. We substitute wheat flour for semolina flour, making the end product a bit coarser but with an appealing earthy scent and tone. 


Why Choose Garden of Esther’s Fresh Pasta?

Since the eponymous Esther opened Garden of Esther in 2018, we’ve made it our mission to rouse all of Florida into culinary creation while fostering a passion for exceptional ingredients and conscious food choices. We truly love what we do and draw inspiration from each and every one of our customers. We're proud of the selection of quality products you've led us to create.

When you choose us for all your fresh pasta needs, you can count on:

  • Made-to-order, small-batch fresh pasta
  • Custom flavor and shape combinations
  • Zero preservatives
  • 100% natural flavors and colors
  • Superior, healthy ingredients
  • FAST cooking time (less than 5 minutes)
  • Two-month shelf life (frozen)
  • Unbeatable customer service
  • Reliable delivery  

If you'd like to try our vegan superfood pasta or any of our other healthy Italian ingredients for yourself, you can do so right here on the Garden of Esther website, email us at or visit our gourmet Italian market at 1016 21st Street, Vero Beach, FL—just look for the blue building. 

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