Healthy and Delicious Rainbow Superfood Pasta

Healthy and Delicious Rainbow Superfood Pasta

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The term superfood is something of a buzzword, used to refer to any foods with a higher-than-average impact on health and wellness. While research has shown that there are no end-all-be-all foods that can take care of all your nutrition needs, some are still far better for your diet than others. 

Producers can, of course, make the food they provide healthier by leaving out any non-natural additives, but it’s possible that, by doing so, you’re sacrificing flavor. However, at Garden of Esther, our Rainbow Superfood pasta strikes a perfect balance between taste and nutrition. We don’t use any preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors and pack our superfood pasta with herbs, vegetables, and more.


Garden of Esther Rainbow Superfood Pasta Benefits

While you’ve probably heard plenty of foods described as “super,” you might not have caught the term meaning beyond it being marketing-related. While it doesn’t have an official definition designated by regulatory bodies, generally, it refers to any food packed with more nutritional value than other products. 

A few particular foods have carried the superfood title, such as berries, kale, legumes, etc. However, while they may have been healthy, few of them had nutrients far beyond what you could find in produce usually.  

Here at Garden of Esther, we only use the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients in all our fresh pasta—including our rainbow superfood variety. So not only is it high in both nutrition and flavor, but presentation as well. 

Enjoy Garden Of Esther Fresh Pasta at All Your Favorite Restaurants!

We’ve provided several restaurants along the Treasure Coast and Southeast Florida, mainly in Vero Beach, Stuart, and West Palm Beach, Florida, with fresh, healthy pasta, guaranteeing chefs a good selection for their dishes. Our fresh pasta is long-lasting (up to two months frozen) and delicious straight out the package with no added preservatives or artificial components. 

Instead, we’ve packed our whole grain pasta with only the finest natural ingredients, producing a more robust and healthier version of the typical store-bought food. 

However, while our fresh pasta benefits the chef cooking the food, they benefit the customer even more. Whether you’re ordering our fresh pasta from a new restaurant you wanted to try or one that you visit frequently, you can expect the chef to finish your meal in around two to three minutes with how fast our product cooks. 

Our vegan rainbow superfood pasta looks stunning on a plate, with bright natural colors from:

  • Turmeric (yellow)
  • Butterfly pea flower (blue)
  • Beet (red)
  • Spirulina (green)

You Can Cook Our Pasta at Home!

If you’ve tried our rainbow superfood pasta at a restaurant and loved it, then there’s no reason you can’t make your own fresh pasta dish. Not only do we provide local diners with our fresh pasta, but we also sell it directly to home chefs at our gourmet Italian market.  

Enjoy an easy-to-make, restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of your own home. In addition to nutrient-packed superfood pasta, we also offer gluten-free and egg-based options. For hearty and healthy pasta dinners, you won’t find better than Garden of Esther.

Top Quality Presentation

An often-overlooked component when it comes to quality foods is their aesthetic appeal. In this day and age where everyone has a phone in their pocket, it’s essential that meals not only taste good but look good too. Our rainbow superfood pasta offers a true wow-factor on a plate. Dishes featuring our fresh pasta are flooding local Instagram feeds!

With our small-batch approach to fresh pasta production, every piece comes out perfectly formed, and thanks to our quality ingredients and time-tested traditional Italian techniques, our fresh pasta always holds shape when cooked properly. All the above combine to ensure you can always count on a top-quality presentation. 


About Us

The eponymous Esther started Garden of Esther in 2018 to provide customers with high-quality, all-natural pasta without the additives found in store-bought brands. We got our start at a humble Vero Beach Farmers Market booth and have since expanded into a full-scale gourmet Italian market supplying home chefs, catering businesses, restaurants, and more across the entire Treasure Coast and Southeast Florida area. 

Pasta is our passion, and we love igniting culinary creativity in our customers. You are our inspiration—and we have a massive selection of fresh pasta and other authentic Italian products to show for it. Whether you're looking to try true superfood pasta or need high-quality ingredients for your next recipe, we're here for you.

If you’d like to place an order, you can do so right here on the Garden of Esther website, email us at or visit our gourmet Italian market at 1016 21st Street, Vero Beach, FL—just look for the blue building. 

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