Andalusian Spanish Olives Assortment Banderillas

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Spanish Banderillas are deeply savory, salty, and downright delicious jarred tapas. This unique delicacy is made by pickling small and delicate gherkin pickles, sweet red bell pepper, salty green olives, and small white cocktail onions in a sweet and savory bath. Each 7-ounce jar makes an instant appetizer to start a Mediterranean feast. Or, assemble dainty toothpicks with one of each element from the jar to make stunning and restaurant-worthy cocktail decorations. The salty flavor pairs excellently with a clear liquor like vodka or gin. It is also a tasty complement to rich creamy cheeses from the Mediterranean region and beyond.

Ingredients: Gherkins, red pepper, green olives, cocktail onion.

Nt. Wt. 7 oz

Product of Spain