Roland Moutarde a L'Ancienne, Grained Mustard with Whole Mustard Seeds

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Net. Wt. 17.6 oz

"During my teenage years, an old friend once told me, "There is a better world out there, and it's not this one." I finally understood what he meant when I tasted this mustard for the first time I visited France years ago. This "Ferrari of Mustards" changed my life and world 🌎 in how I see, feel, and taste food." ~ Chef Andres

There is mustard, and there’s rustic, bold, and coarse-grained authentic Moutarde a L'Ancienne by Roland. This vintage-style, old-fashioned mustard is simple, fresh, and has no fillers. Coming directly from France, where chefs take pride in their ingredients and recipes, Moutarde a L’ Ancienne doesn’t have sugar or any of the typical filler ingredients used in other mustards - just mustard seed, vinegar, salt, and water. The result is a grainier mustard with a milder flavor than classic Dijon mustard, and when you try it, you’ll understand how mustard is supposed to taste!

Moutarde a L' Ancienne is a versatile condiment that can be used in a variety of sauces, salads, glazes, and in classic recipes. Mix the mustard with vinegar, olive oil, and garlic in a small bowl to make the perfect French salad dressing for any dish. Try it with any honey mustard marinade or dip recipe for a sweet and savory balance you won’t find anywhere else. Smother on meats - even unique options like classic French lapin (rabbit). Find a solid French recipe, pull out your finest chef’s hat, and let’s have some fun!

Our Moutarde a L’ Ancienne comes from Roland Foods, which sources over 1,500 products from around the globe. Founded in France in 1934 and relocating to New York City six years later, Roland is constantly searching for the finest recipes and ingredients from some of the best suppliers on the planet.

Ingredients: water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt.