Auricchio Cheese, Provolone, Aged over 12 Months

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We cut and wrap this by hand.

Auricchio Provolone is an aged Italian Provolone that is particularly sharp. It is often regarded as one of the best-tasting provolones in the world. Italian grocery stores often see this cheese dangling by a rope from the rafters, making it a very well-known cheese throughout Italy.

Perhaps the most famous Provolone producer is Auricchio, a family business that dates back to 1877. The Auricchio Provolone Piccante here is authentic, imported from Italy, and aged for 12 months. It offers a sharp flavor that zings the tongue. Wonderful in antipasto, with any of our salami, paired with olives and red wine, or just on crackers.

  • Country: Campangni Italy
  • Texture: Semi-firm
  • Source: Cow's milk
  • Age Time: 12 months or longer

Product Of Italy