Cascina Belvedere Risotto Rice, Arborio

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Cascina Belvedere Arborio Risotto Rice, Classic is best known as the classic Italian rice for making risotto. Arborio rice falls into the category of "short-grained rice." This differentiates it from long-grained rice, such as the narrow grains of jasmine or basmati rice. Arborio rice is shaped more like a football, with a smooth, shiny exterior. The Arborio rice is the most typical and widespread Italian rice for risottos, its grains are also the largest among all the varieties of rice grown in Italy.

The high starch content gives this rice a creamy and chewy texture. Because of its high starch content, Arborio rice is ideal for making risotto, rice pudding, and sushi. Arborio is extremely versatile and can be used to prepare a host of Italian-inspired dishes like baked arancini stuffed with mushrooms or aubergine, and desserts like apple cider risotto cheesecake, and banana pecan rice pudding.

Be sure not to rinse or wash Arborio Rice as that will eliminate its sticky, starchy qualities. (Cook between 15 and 17 minutes for a nice result.)