Coelsanus Grilled Artichokes Hearts in Sunflower Oil

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Carefully selected tender artichoke hearts, chopped in quarters and delicately grilled. Marinated with herbs in sunflower oil. Coelsanus grilled vegetables are made using fresh vegetables that are processed within 24 hours of their arrival and that are gathered according to the natural seasonal rhythms. They are roasted, delicately grilled, and marinated in oil so as to bring out their flavor and smoothness.

Coelsanus Grilled Artichokes Hearts in Sunflower Oil are versatile in their use, from antipasti to tasty side dishes, to salads or pair with your favorite Garden Of Esther fresh pasta. Ideal for starting a meal as appetizers, to a second course, on a charcuterie board with cured meats and cheeses, or add them to sandwiches.

Coelsanus s.p.a., founded in 1956, specializes in the production of preserved vegetables. Coelsanus contracts with local producers for preferential supplies of fresh vegetables, locally produced, using traditional methods. Growers are urged to maintain strict standards of production with a view to obtaining high and consistent quality. After the artichoke hearts are painstakingly selected and roasted, they are preserved in sunflower oil which, thanks to its lightness, enhances the natural flavor of the vegetables.

Ingredients: Grilled artichokes 50%, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, sugar, salt, parsley, garlic, natural flavorings, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, acidity regulators: citric acid and lactic acid.

This item is gluten-free per the manufacturer.