El Navarrico White Asparagus IGP, Very Thick

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Three generations of hard work, the best raw materials, and an artisan way to do it are the core of this company from Navarra (Spain). During both the cultivation of produce and the preparation of ingredients, El Navarrico does as little as possible to their products before canning them. This commitment to maintaining the integrity of each ingredient ensures that every item is bursting with fresh flavors.

These very thick white asparagus by El Navarrico are absolutely delightful! 

El Navarrico has been working with nature since the 50s of the last century, demanding the highest possible quality daily. EL Navarrico is a family-owned company that has evolved to establish itself solidly in the international market thanks to the utmost respect for Navarra's agricultural and canning tradition.

Serving it couldn’t be easier—open the jar, and you’re ready to dig in. The classic way to serve white asparagus is with a sauce: try it gently warmed with mayo, hollandaise, or a vinaigrette.

This "Esparragos de Navarra" is a must in your pantry! 

Ingredients: white asparagus, water, and salt.

Net. Wt. 12.17 oz

Product of Spain

I.G.P. stands for Indicazione Geografica Protetta (literally Protected Geographical Indication), and it indicates a mark of origin that the European Union assigns to agricultural and food products for which a certain quality, reputation, or other feature depends on its geographical origin, whose production, modification and/or processing takes place in a certain geographical area.