Ortiz White Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Ortiz's wild-caught White Tuna in Olive Oil uses line-caught Albacore (that’s better for you and our oceans) from the Cantabrian Sea off the north coast of Spain. It is processed by hand with great care and aged over time.

Rich and flavorful, with great texture and taste as the natural flavor of tuna is perfectly retained are the main reasons why this Bonito del Norte is Spain’s favorite tuna. Even though it’s lower in fat than other varieties, white tuna is still full of heart-healthy omega-3’s ideal for maintaining a Mediterranean diet.

Stock up your pantry to create a tuna “cellar” allowing the fish to improve its superb quality and flavor with age as the flavor improves over the years, producing a delicate and exquisite taste. Enjoy a classic, canned tuna, the way it’s meant to be: just like this. Or enjoy it in your salad, assemble the best tuna sandwich or use it in your favorite recipes; it goes with every meal or snack of the day.