Rigoni di Asiago Chestnut Honey, Organic

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Are you trying to mix things up and add an authentic Italian flair to your delightful mornings? Organic chestnut honey by Rigoni di Asiago will come in handy and immediately change the course of your breakfast sessions, enhance and turn it into a mesmerizing and breathtaking culinary experience. Made with an extensive choice of carefully selected ingredients, organic Italian chestnut honey by Rigoni di Asiago will entertain your taste buds and leave you pleasantly surprised, asking for more. Prized for its amber-brown color, distinctive aromatic taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste, and full-flavored profile, chestnut honey by Rigoni di Asiago makes an exceptional choice to sweeten your favorite cup of coffee or tea.

1923 - the start of a great adventure when Rigoni di Asiago was created. Located in Northeastern Italy, Province of Vicenza, particularly in a minor township of Asiago, the company’s success story is based on passion, love for nature, and a deep connection to the roots. Rigoni di Asiago has made a name for itself with the usage of high-quality organic ingredients, producing and offering top-notch products that are beneficial for people and fair for the environment. Determination, resilience, commitment, and constant growth – these traits reflect the inner self of this successful company that has won over millions of families not only in Italy but across the globe as well.

Ingredients: Organic Italian chestnut honey

Product of Italy