Rosara Cherry Peppers Stuffed with Cheese

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Conservas Rosara's Cherry Peppers are stuffed with cream of fresh Cow cheese and a touch of almond crocanti. The surprising crunchy texture gives way to a taste of sweet pepper with an end slightly spicy accompanied with the smoothness of the olive oil.

They are ideal for the preparation of snacks and tapas. We recommend separating the peppers from the oil and serve at room temperature or cold. Also best to add them on salads, as a garnish of meats, fish or present them with some spices.

Prepared by Conservas Artesanas Areas, which is located in the heart of Ribera de Navarra, in the north of Spain. Where on the banks of the river Ebro grow some of the best fruit of the orchard, thanks to the favorable climate, the fertile earth, and good to their people. The quality is not only achieved by selecting those fruits of recognized prestige and with the denomination of origins such as asparagus from Navarra, or the piquillo peppers from Lodosa. in

No added preservative, coloring agent, or stabilizer that might damage its authentic flavor, packed in a completely natural way.

Ingredients: Peppers Mini (42%), fresh cheese pasteurized Cow milk (28%), vegetable oil (olive oil) (28%), almonds (2%), and sugar.
Info. allergens: Contains Nuts (almonds) and dairy products (lactose).

nt. wt. 6.5 oz