Rovagnati Mortadella

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Rovagnati Mortadella is one of the most ancient products of Italian charcuterie from the selection of the best pork cuts, 100% Italian meat, the shoulder for the leaner parts, and the throat for the fat ones. Cooked in traditional brick ovens until 36 hours so that the high cooking temperature does not compromise the natural characteristics of the meat. Its intense taste and flavor are best paired with pears, grapes, Lambrusco red wine, beer, and sparkling white wine.

How to recognize premium quality mortadella: Bright pink color for the leaner parts and pearly white for the fat ones (proof that fat has not melted during the cooking process)

Ingredients: Pork, Pork Fat, Water, Salt, Sugar, Flavors, Spices, Sodium ascorbate, Sodium nitrite.