Rovagnati Prosciutto Cotto, Cooked Ham

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Rovagnati Prosciutto Cotto is an Italian cooked ham from a specific cut the pork leg top rump, one of the finest parts of the pork thigh, naturally lean. Each pork leg is hand-selected, hand-boned, and seasoned with a special spice blend that is massaged into the meat for 72 hours before being slowly steam-cooked for 12 hours. This careful, methodical approach is what gives this Prosciutto Cotto its signature flavor and aroma. The perfect mix of freshness and convenience to take at home Prosciutto Cotto is excellent for sandwiches, salads, in a quiche, and with flatbreads on a charcuterie board!

Easy and versatile, great for all your tasty home-made recipes, giving it an Italian twist

Made with pork, water, dextrose, salt, spices, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite.