Tutto Calabria Italian Oregano Seasoning

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The Tutto Calabria's Spices and Aromatic Herbs line is a world to be explored. The Calabrian Oregano is known all over the world for its intense aroma and its natural and authentic taste. This minced version allows you to easily use it in all of your recipes. Buon Appetito!

Flavorful and scented oregano. Use it while cooking or as a seasoning. Add it to tomatoes salads, pasta sauces, pizza.

One of the most eaten dishes in Calabria during the summer period is the "nsalata e pumadori" ( tomatoes salad). To make it first mince fresh tomatoes, then add some sliced PGI Tropea Onions, finally dress everything with a large dose of extra virgin olive oil, Calabrian Oregano, and salt. Leave it rest for 10 minutes and then enjoy it with warm bread or bruschetta!

nt. wt. 1.05 oz