Wang & Dickerson Black Dragon Oolong Tea

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Origin: Nantou County, Taiwan, 5000 feet in elevation

Experience a cup of perfectly dark roasted artisan oolong tea from the high mountains of central Taiwan! This small-batch black dragon oolong tea is bold and beautiful! Our grower-artisan A-Shin has custom-roasted this ONE-OF-A-KIND tea for us!

The complexity of this tea unfolds with every sip. From its intoxicating, heavily roasted aroma and its full body to its never-ending layers of mouthfeel, you can find all the complexity you desire. Or you can just sit and enjoy its rich flavor, creamy texture, and subtle caramel sweetness.

This fine tea is a combination of one of the best tea varietals with rich soil in a region known for producing high-quality tea. Our grower applies his skill, experience, and intensive labor to create a tea that is way beyond ordinary black tea.

Our grower's farming ethic is to respect the land and to produce premium quality tea without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. He believes that everything that we do to our earth right now directly affects future generations. This motivates him every day in his choice to use sustainable farming practices.

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