Wexford Creamery Cheese, Mature White Irish Cheddar

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We cut and wrap this by hand.

Irish semi-hard cheese

Typically aged 12-18 months, this smooth cheddar has a full, rich flavor with a hint of sweetness. A taste that is full of depth and character.

Our Green Waxed Cheddar is produced by Wexford Creamery from pure Irish milk. The milk for this "bitey" cheddar is taken from cows grazing in southeast Ireland. Here, the winds blow in from the Atlantic, depositing rain throughout the year, providing the perfect growing conditions for lush grazing. This environment produces rich, creamy milk that is perfect for cheese making. Our Irish Green Wax Cheddar is aged between 12 to 18 months. The cheddar is then cut into blocks and covered in green wax, giving the cheese a distinctive Irish appearance.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Salt, Starter Cultures, Rennet. Contains MILK.

Product of Ireland.